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About Us


We build purposeful, transformative technology for XXI century governments, using Artificial Intelligence to digitize, streamline and scale good processes and decision-making.

Regardless of size, public systems, or challenges, we make it easy for governments to do what's right, empowering them to run efficiently and to offer high-quality public services that are universally accessible to all.

We believe that a new blueprint for good governance is possible, and are creating the tools to make that happen, today.


The next breakthrough in government systems. 

Social Glass was founded by Paola Santana, a lawyer, public policy expert and tech entrepreneur creating the world's next political system after democracy.

Previously, she co-founded Matternet, a Silicon Valley company pioneering drone logistics networks as the next paradigm of transportation. Under her leadership, Matternet engaged with The White House, US Congress, FAA, and NASA to enact the first drone rule in the United States in 2016, and became the first drone delivery platform authorized for permanent operations over a populated city in 2017. 

She co-established the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court, and has collaborated with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the OECD, and the Dominican Republic’s Elections Court, developing striking public infrastructure projects and strategic partnerships integrating exponential technologies.

A Fulbright scholar and graduate from George Washington, Georgetown and Singularity University, she’s been featured as CNET Top 20 Latin in Tech, Forbes Top 50 Women of Power in the Dominican Republic, and LinkedIn Top Professionals Under 35.